The 21st century is considered to be the era of Cloud Computing. However, despite of the infrastructural abundance in our county, such technology is not as developed or used as in western nations. The factor that seems responsible for this is that there is not enough human resource who can utilize those new technologies. The current curriculum is lacking of adequate guidance or skills training on the installation and utilization of Cloud Technology.

We must admit that academic education is not catching up with the development of IT skills. Educational institutions explain that they provide sufficient IT literacy trainings, but the truth is that it is actually left to the students to cope with. Unless a structured system exists, companies will be reluctant to hire graduates with skills which cannot be relied upon.

There are many critics who believe that Japanese universities would not be able to survive long in this global competition with the prevailing IT education system. In response to the criticism and realizing the strength of their foreign competitors, the educational institutions of the country are starting to make efforts to strengthen their strategy.

There is a need for the authorities of the educational institution to keep the current situation in mind and develop and promote world class IT human resource fit for this cloud era. It goes without saying that the students should also play their part in responding to the prevailing situation.

The role of the Council is to promote trainings for students on world class IT skills. In other words, develop human resource with skills that can meet the worldwide level. This can be achieved by setting up an international standard for IT skill sets and making an effort to raise our country’s educational system up to that point.

Representative Director
Yoshiaki Yoshida
(Honorary Professor, Meiji University)